About PR Error Check

Welcome to Prerrorcheck.com! I am Lakeshia Moon and it’s my pleasure to assist you throughout you writing journey as kindly and objectively as possible. As my guest here, you will not be subjected to copy-editing, editing, or ghost-writing, those aspects are left wholly to respected folks in those fields of speciality.

All suggestions by Prerrorcheck.com are meant to be just that – suggestions about your writing submitted for your consideration. Proofreading, spell checking, grammar usage suggestions are all offered here as consultation that can be added to your writing as you see fit. It’s Prerrorcheck.com’s mission to do it’s utmost to help provide you with a seamless error-free body of work, for bound or online publications.

I will also let you know if your style falls into any of the writing styles detailed in the resourses listed below.

The reference resources that will be utilized at prerrorcheck.com are:

  • The Associated Press Stylebook, 2019
  • The Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition, 2017
  • New Oxford Spelling Dictionary, 2014
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition, 2003.

From the heart and with humility, I thank you all for supporting PRerrorcheck.com and what it can be!

– L. Moon