Rates & Policy


Services will begin on the date you have booked with Prerrorcheck.com if payment has been recieved. In order to ensure full acceptance of your work, make sure all requirements are met and the work is sent in: *.odt; *.ott; *.sxw; *.stw; *.fodt; *.xml; *.uot; *.uof; *.doc; *.docx; *.dot; *.dotx; *.dotm; *.wps; *.wpt; *hwp; *.html; *.xhtml; *.htm; *.lwp; *.rtf; *.txt formats.

Not doing so could result in your chosen date being unconfirmed or your work being declined.

Required items to include: First name, Last name, Email, Publisher, Venue, Genre, File Type Sent (as listed above), Deadline, and The Style under which you are writing.

If you have a deadline to meet, Prerrorcheck.com must be made aware of that deadline, and the deadline musn’t conflict with any other dates. Prerrorcheck.com is not liable for any deadlines missed.

If you haven’t chosen a style, make Prerrorcheck.com aware of that so we can help you identify your style.

No documents recieved will be retained or shared with any individual or any third party. All documents recieved will be retained for 30 days and automatically deleted from our devices. Prerrorcheck.com cannot be held responsible for data storage. Prerrorcheck.com will only retain an author’s brief synopsis of their work, guest feedback, suggested corrective notations by Prerrorcheck.com staff, and guest contact information for filing and reference purposes.

Flat Rates:

Single Page: $15

First 20 pages: $20 *With an additional $2/ page rate.

Per Chapter: $30

Full Manuscipts: $500 *Full service with a deposit of half the rate up front with the second half due after completion and invoiced from Prerrorcheck.com.

**Author must be in editing or galley phase and a minimum of 60 days before your publishing deadline Please allow up to 7 – 14 days for completion of your work.

Hourly Rates:

Pages by the 100’s: $15 *Max 300 pages. Allow 2-3 days to complete request.

Blog Posts: $15 *Must be scheduled 24 – 48 hrs. in advance before your planned publishing date & time, Monday – Friday before 5PM EST.

Social Media Posts: $15 *Max limit 3; must be scheduled 3 – 5 hours before your planned online publishing date & time, Monday – Friday before 5PM EST.

Full Website: $25 *Allow 2-3 days to complete request.

Cancellation Policy

All dates are first come first served. Dates chosen must not overlap with another. Availability is scheduled Monday – Friday until 5 pm EST.

If cancelling on all the above Flat Rates on the day of booking:

Please do so within the first hour of your booking. Whereby any and all work done will cease and any charges accepted will be refunded 100%.

If cancelling at an Hourly Rate:

Blog and Social Media Posts:
Please do so within 30 minutes in order to receive a full refund of 100%.

Pages by the 100’s and Full Website:
Please do so within 12 hours; wherein all work done will cease and any charges accepted will be refunded 100%.

All services are calculated from the date of invoice and under EST. If your period of grace has expired or has passed the full mark of 24 hours for any above listed rate, and you still seek a refund, your refund will be 50%. to accont for lost time at Prerrorcheck.com.